Turbot Product Updates

Monthly highlights of Turbot product changes

Turbot Mod Changes

  • AWS SageMaker controls for Model, Training Job, Endpoint, Service

  • Improvements on AWS Event Rule sorting in CMDB data to remain consistent

  • EC2 Instance CMDB supporting EC2:BidEvictedEvent for spot instances

  • EC2 Snapshot discovery and CMDB handling improvements

  • Turbot Firehose updated templates in support of StreamAlert integration

Additional updates can be found in the full Release Notes.

Turbot UI Changes

  • AWS External ID while in protected mode now accepts a custom suffix input copied into the UI.

  • Aging calculations in all reports now correctly calculate the duration.

Additional updates can be found in the full TE Release Notes.

Turbot Enterprise Changes

The current recommended deployment versions for Turbot Enterprise are updated here: https://turbot.com/v5/docs/releases

Apollo becoming new default UI

In the upcoming v5.37.0 release, the default UI for all Turbot users will become the Turbot Console Apollo UI. For users already using the Apollo UI, no change will occur, and for users who still prefer the original UI, you can switch back with a link in the header of the console. For Turbot Cloud (SaaS) customers this change will occur automatically.  For Turbot Enterprise customers this change will occur when you upgrade to the v5.37.0 release or higher.

The existing (non-Apollo) console will be considered deprecated in the v5.37.0 release, and in a few months, the v5.40.0 release will fully remove the non-Apollo UI. This will not impact APIs, but will impact saved URLs pointing to specific screens in the old UI.

Since its release in Nov 2020, the Apollo UI is the preferred UI among Turbot users. You can learn more about Apollo in our highlights video.

Key Performance Improvements:

  • Moving resources to new locations in the hierarchy is more responsive in the UI.

  • Cleanup of unused tables (action_history) and unused indexes (controls_history, resources_history, and policy_values_history) to reduce DB disk space.

  • Critical database indexes are now re-created weekly to improve performance.

  • Improved handling for long running control to avoid infinite execution.

  • DB parameter group support for 11.10, 11.11, 12.6 and 13.2.

  • Postgres version 13.2 is now the default selection; Turbot continues to support Postgres 11 and 12.  New installations will default to Postgres 13.x.  When appropriate, we will recommend an update path from 11.x & 12.x to 13.x

Full Release Notes:

Turbot Developer Tools

Terraform - https://turbot.com/v5/docs/releases/terraform

Turbot CLI - https://turbot.com/v5/docs/releases/cli

Turbot Plugin for Steampipe: https://hub.steampipe.io/plugins/turbot/turbot

  • Initial release of the plugin provides an open source CLI to instantly query Turbot’s API using SQL!  The initial tables supported are controls, policies, resources, smart folders and tags.

You can contribute to the project and keep us posted on any feedback and suggestions.

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